Sweet Delights!

Look what I just ate!

Oh no! I hear you cry, banging your angry fists on your keyboard. She was so motivated yesterday, what has she done?!

Fear not, my friends.

I made this after my PT session with Dave, which was tricky but fun tonight. He made up his own torturous little circuit, which included 200m stints on the rower, starjumps, push ups, sit ups and all other glorious creations.

For the first time in a long time, I feel in control of my eating. Every single thing that passed my lips today was there because it was planned, sorted out the night before.

I love the feeling of knowing that I used my head to control my eating today. Not my emotions, not my lack of organisation and therefore just grabbing something, but my head.

The above was what I made myself for dessert. I had dinner earlier than usual and was exceptionally hungry. (I think I need to experiment with more protein for lunch.)

My sweet treat is made from the below-

To keep me going, I have bought some WW desserts. Im not following WW as such, but remember from when I was that the puddings and also the Peters Ice Cream slices are very yummy and not going to blow out my food intake. It has done alot for my mental state too because I dont feel like im missing out whatsoever.

It wasnt all smooth sailing today though- I am ashamed to say I did not have breakfast. 😦

I went in with good intentions! I toted to work with me my little packet of oats and a trusty banana, ready to eat when I read the morning paper at work.

However, when I was making my oats, with my cut up banana, feeling pretty smug (im nothing if not honest) when I pour the milk from the work fridge on top……and it doesnt come out in liquid form, it comes out in clotted chunks of sour stench.


I could have thrown it out and gotten something from a cafe nearby. It just seemed so…risky? I was frightened I might go in looking for sourdough toast and come out with a croissant. Its happened before.

No wallowing, I’m just going to do better tomorrow!

Onwards and upwards for another day, hope everyone else has had a good one!



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2 responses to “Sweet Delights!

  1. Pink Penguin

    Good work, that dessert looks yummmy! I think having a food plan helps a lot, for me anyway. Even though I buy lunch when I’m at work every day (lazy & expensive I know!) if I have already made a plan that I will have Subway on Mon Wed and Thurs, Hero salad on Tues and Fri, then I feel like the ‘choice’ and temptation is taken away from me. Silly I know because in reality I could just break away from my hypothetically ‘plan’, but I really do tend to stick to it if I have given it some pre-thought. Also, if I put the calories in my calorie counter app on my iphone in advance, I usually stick to the plan because I am too lazy to re-enter different foods haha. xxx

  2. I hate it when that happens to the milk! There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a cup of tea, oatmeal, cereal, whatever, and then having the gross chunks comes out of the milk carton – spew!

    Good luck sticking with the controlled eating (and thanks for commenting on my latest post!)

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